In this very room.

Welcome to the online home of the Coronado Community Church

Who We Are

The Coronado Community Church was founded in 1996 as an independent faith community offering a non-denominational Christian presence in Coronado. The CCC draws on a rich variety of worship traditions on Sunday mornings, blending traditional hymns and music with contemporary tunes. Our liturgy is borrowed from many denominations. Members from mainline Protestant churches, Catholics, Unitarians, and Jews are part of our fellowship and call the CCC their spiritual home. Visitors from cold country attend during the winter months, and tourists drop by in the summer. They immediately feel the joy of our worship, and the friendliness of our members.

What We Believe

We believe God speaks in many languages and has revealed divine truth in the major religious traditions of the human race. Our central belief is that Jesus Christ is Lord. But in proclaiming that Jesus is the way and the truth does not preclude that his way may also be manifest in religions that do not worship him as Lord. We believe there is a mystery of how God works in our traditions exceeding our knowledge and control. We celebrate the revelation of God presented in the Holy Bible and trust God’s Spirit to unlock how we are to understand divine truth and apply it to our lives.

Sermon for Sunday, September 14

“From Humus to Human”