Stewardship is the Christian Way of giving and supporting our church so that we can continue our ministry and work. In other words your gifts allow the Church to support itself, sustain its numerous ministries, and assist those in need. It relies on the goodness of God and the pure generosity of each of our members.


Time, Talent and Pledges

The CCC Stewardship Program supports the Christian practice of regular giving of time, talent, and treasure to the Church. Our members are encouraged to contribute their time and talents by volunteering in the numerous community and ministry programs that are supported by the CCC and participate in the annual pledge drive that occurs each December.

• Pledge cards are mailed, and available at the Sunday church service or from the Church Administrator. Your pledge can be returned to the church by mail or sent via email to our CCC Treasurer or Finance Committee Chair.

• Stewardship donations can be made via personal check & web (CCC PayPal account) and are typically made in weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual installments. Checks can be mailed or placed in the Sunday Collection Tray.


Legacy and Planned Giving

Reaching for our checkbooks may be the easiest and only way we know how to contribute to our Church, but did you know there may be a more advantageous way? There are a wide range of non-cash assets that can be donated, receive tax benefits, and a leave a lasting legacy for the CCC!
• Stocks
• Bonds
• Mutual Funds
• Life Insurance
• Bequests/Estate Planning
Even something as simple as remembering the CCC in your will can provide a long lasting benefit to our Church.


Where Do Your Gifts Go?

Stewardship pledges are the critical life blood to the activities and ongoing operations of our church, and they are our central funding source. Your gifts help support:
• Religious Services
• Counseling
• Visitations to the Hospitalized and Home-Bound
• Sunday School
• Global Missions to assist those in need (e.g., Feed the Hungry, Stand Up for Kids, etc.)
• Music Program
• Payroll for our Minister, Music Director, Pianist and Administrator
• Facility Rent
• Telephone & postage
• Church Website and Mailings
• Office Supplies
Or in other words
• All financial and outreach needs are met through stewardship contributions
• All religious education and Sunday School classes are provided without fees
• Money raised by clutter sales, and other fund raising events are used for expanded philanthropic efforts and to support community expansion – not relied on to support operations


How Much?

We don’t want to be told how much to give, but, everyone wants a guideline. The Stewardship Pledge Card provides general guidelines. In the end, you may give what you are able to before the Lord. The story of the Widow’s Mite in the Gospel teaches us that blessings come to those who give from their want as well as their plenty.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Board Chair, Pastor Steve, or members of our Finance Committee.

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